My first (and possibly my last) podcast!

0d4df-psychoAt some point in my long existence, you’d just have to know that I would discover that I had a mic attached to my Microsoft headphones! And from there it was a short jog to making a podcast! Actually, my first podcast done in one take with absolutely no script as will be plain should you bother to even listen. And, While I still don’t see just how useful such a vehicle of transmission is, I wanted to give er a go anyway. After all, Michael Savage seems to make a pretty good living at blathering daily on his Savage Nation program… so, here’s the link. Warning! Proceed at your own rick! The following broadcast contains adult subject matter, physiological rape and no logical train of thought whatsoever!

Note: Were I ever to contemplate another such auditory assault on my readers senses, I’d promise to make an effort to upgrade the sound quality and to shoot the commentator…

Some early comments on my social channel:

Bill M. (St. Louis MO) –‘ WTF?’

Louis C. (San Francisco, CA) – ‘You sir, have been reported to the FCC!’

Jimmy L. (Springfield MO) – ‘After listening to you for just a few moments, I realized that I was not the only loser on this planet! Thanks Bro!’

OK, thanks everyone for the accolades! All 7 of you! And since I was so damn popular here is another fragment with which to assault yourselves….

As always, these ramblings of my diseased mind were unscripted, unedited and without very much in the way of logical direction. So, what’s not to enjoy?


About forsythkid

I am just a simple man with a head full of sand who is currently residing in a small town called Forsyth Missouri. I enjoy hiking, camping and all things related to gardening. I rec’d my degree from SIU majoring in Biology many moons ago and still maintain a great interest in the study of all living things. My hobbies include meteorology, the Finnish language and inhabiting cyberspace whenever possible.
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