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Turkish head massage takeaway!

Every culture brings with it the fullness of a species that evolved over a course of 300 million years and whose genome never varied by more than a thousandth of a percent. All that richness, all that potential wasted in … Continue reading

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If loving you is wrong…

A rather raw take on us men. The very things that attract the opposite sex are the very traits that many women do so much arbor.. And, so it goes!

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If loving you is wrong…

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Random Thoughts for Memorial Day 2017!

A remarkable hamburger on Memorial Day! Memorial Day 2017 happened on a Monday and boy was the weather ever perfect. At the noon hour when many fold were cranking up their grills, the temperature was at 75F under mostly sunny … Continue reading

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Random thoughts for May 22!

Sometimes, you get what you wish for! The weather can get rather persnickety and the spring of 2017 was right in line there on the strangeness scale! Where I live, in southwest Missouri, some are calling the area the new … Continue reading

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Mediacom – Seriously?

I’ve been  a subscriber of Mediacom for over a decade, (only because there was not a viable alternative in my area in SW Missouri). Well, here’s the low down. After all that time – And in my opinion, the techs … Continue reading

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Death of a target, or of a Nation!

Warning – a very primitive video here! My first in 2006! I’m not sure where this rather strange video came from back in circa 2004 or thereabouts – this was an early stretch of my imagination – you see, I … Continue reading

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