This nation is trying to fly on one wing…


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If loving you is wrong…

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Random Thoughts for Memorial Day 2017!

A remarkable hamburger on Memorial Day!

DanO BurgerMemorial Day 2017 happened on a Monday and boy was the weather ever perfect. At the noon hour when many fold were cranking up their grills, the temperature was at 75F under mostly sunny skies and little to no wind! Thing could not have been better, especially considering the rather rocky spring that had seen one too many storms over the past couple of months!

After hail had damaged my AC compressor in March, I filed a claim with my insurance company and got a new unit installed. No sooner was that accomplished and paid for when my stacked washer dryer also decided to give up the ghost. So, wham bam thank you ma’am, I got hit with two major bills that also did a number on my savings. So, that nice gas grill I was going to purchase was, ahem, put on the back burner…

No to be discouraged, I cooked up a great DanO burger on the stove; loaded it up with lettuce and onions, slathered on some ketchup and mustard and have myself a great repast! I then turned on the ‘boob tube’ to try and catch up on the news…

Kim’s hard on for missiles….

My Dong IIKim Jon-un, (or whatever the little fat North Korean’s name is) has been launching ‘test’ missiles with disturbing regularity. Most have been short range SCUD’s, but a couple have also been of the ICBM class and that was disturbing to many. I’m not sure if Kimbo’s head is actually where it should be as he seems to be missing a number of big points. They are; 1) most of the people in his country are in various stages of starvation, 2) China no longer has his back and 3) yet another air craft carrier is steaming in his general direction! None of which bodes well for this midget dictator’s life expectancy.

In my limited opinion, I would say that a war of some magnitude will sweep North Korea sometime before the end of this summer, with the likely outcome being the wholesale slaughter of much of Kim’s regime. An end result that will likely lead to the annexation of the North by the South along with a whole new batch of headaches as that piece of property has nothing to really offer….

Iran and Saudi Arabia get it on…

saudiAs things heat up in the Korean peninsula, I can also see the billions in war related aid that the US is sending to SA being used to bust some heads in Iran. This could likely be the catalyst or spark that will ignite a war in much of the Middle East. A situation where some of the players could start tossing nukes here and there to heighten the horror of was even a bit more! The really interesting events that should transpire will be just who pairs of with who.. I’d also be interested in seeing what the NATO group of 23, who are not paying their fare share, do in the short term. It might be a good idea for them to pay past arrears and get into line pretty quickly….

And, here at home….

pentagon-civil-unrest-678x381Not to be left feeling like we were left out of a world coming apart, there is the real possibility of a Civil War at home! And, unlike the past Civil War where it was basically the North against the South, this one could easily evolve into the two Coasts going toe to toe with the Middle! That would be very interesting to watch as well as see, just how the major news outlets try and spin it to their liking…

No matter what else transpires, the news people should gather record setting viewer numbers as millions of Americans will find it hard not to watch….

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Somehow, we all collide!

twig‘The dawn is breaking
A light shining through
You’re barely waking
And I’m tangled up in you
But I’m open, you’re closed
Where I follow, you’ll go
I worry I won’t see your face
Light up again…’
Please follow this rabbit hole…
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Random thoughts for May 22!

Sometimes, you get what you wish for!

Damaged boat dockThe weather can get rather persnickety and the spring of 2017 was right in line there on the strangeness scale! Where I live, in southwest Missouri, some are calling the area the new tornado alley! Over the past three months, I’ve been hit with hail twice along with close encounters with two twisters. We’ve also had ourselves a 100 year flood! I can’t seem to remember anything like that in the twenty years , or so, that I’ve lived there! I mean, I did wish for a cool and wet spring to help us break out of a mini drought, but this year was really over the top!

Kim’s missiles!

48c1a-launch1Kim Jon-il, or whatever the leader of North Korea’s name is, seems completely obsessed with his self destruction. Call it paranoia, on his part, or perhaps the man is just a tad insane. Whatever the reason, his decision to mount nukes on top of ICBM’s has got to be one of the shortest routes to self annihilation. (So much so, that rumors have it that his top General’s are all filing for extended vacations)!

At a time when the US is making great strides politically with parts of the Middle East, his small starving nation is finding itself in poor company; namely Russia, Iran and China. The end result of which doesn’t bode well, as those three will likely not come to his aid should the shooting begin.

In my limited opinion, by far the best solution would be a coup followed by a process of reunification wit the south. It’s way past time for the rank and file North Korean to begin healing their shattered economy, get some food in their stomachs and to start to catch up with their brothers to the south!

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Call me Mr. Blue…

This song goes out to JE, my first love as a young tow headed boy!

‘The reality that separates the child, the boy, the adult and the old man
is the intensity of each persons existence!
The child lives for each moment alone.
The boy envisions moments that are yet to come.
The adult coldly calculates meaningless gains..
And, the old man? Well…
He ponders the mistakes made by those other three guys!’

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Mediacom – Seriously?

sometime_serviceI’ve been  a subscriber of Mediacom for over a decade, (only because there was not a viable alternative in my area in SW Missouri). Well, here’s the low down. After all that time – And in my opinion, the techs there are trying their best to keep everything working and afloat. The management, on the other hand, are a group crooks, losers and hairballs who would have a hard time maneuvering a shopping cart in an empty store!

I don’t say this because I’ve had only a little history with them, I say this because I’ve had tons of history with what I consider a perfect example of Left Wing gross failure that is still infecting my world. (More on that later….) Above, is a tiny portion of ping data that I’ve collected over the past few years. This information will likely be forwarded to the FCC in the form of a complaint. I don’t this to hammer any communication company, per sae. I do it, as the life of a Republic is at stake… My advice to Mediacom… go back to selling used cars.

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