A time to pause….

200px-Thucydides_pushkin02Thucydides, back in 400 BC, would have chronicled today’s times much much better than I. Back then, it was the Black Plague that decimated ancient Greece. (A truly horrific time in history). Yes, the world we’ve known, over the centuries has seen many many horrors…

In 2017, the sadness and horror doth continue….. If you cannot feel the ‘slippage‘ as Mr. King once wrote, then you need to continue your lives blissfully unaware….

Now, in mid 2017, I do feel that both the east and coasts are now lost to a concept and ideology. I feel that they are no longer representative or support the original concepts that the Founding Fathers had for this Republic way back when. (This is my opinion, and mine alone). I also feel strongly that there is a growing friction,  between the middle of my country and the two coasts, that is becoming increasingly more evident. Just a thought…

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Turkish head massage takeaway!

Every culture brings with it the fullness of a species that evolved over a course of 300 million years and whose genome never varied by more than a thousandth of a percent. All that richness, all that potential wasted in pointless and useless wars…..

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Psych 401. Inside out!


Getting our lives straight, requires us to understand each other.. inside out…

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Even the best fall down sometimes!


I lost my place at some point….

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My name is Luka…

Is Second Life even still around?  Just wondering. This number by a real life performer named Doug L, is everything that was, good about VR….

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Finnish – Nukutaan!

For those who care, I used to delve into foreign languages such as this number by a group I followed for many years – The Nylon Beat. Suomi tulee todennäköisesti tulevina tulevina päivinä tuleviksi suuriksi valtuuksiksi!

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Bottoms up!

I never got to finish this up. A short take on a man with no rake….

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