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It’s all just a crock – pot meal that is!

Crockpots, or slow cookers, as they are also known have always been a ying-yang kind of affair with me. They cook some recipes well, while destroying others. Over the years I’ve learned that other forms of cooking all have their … Continue reading

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Growing fresh lettuce in the dead of winter! Am I crazy?

Yes, I am but that’s a story for another time. To check out this particular bit of craziness, please click here! The graph at left represents the actual temperatures for the week ending December the 20th, 2009. Note that while … Continue reading

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Making Your Salad Dollar Stretch!

A recent visit to the local grocery store in my town of Forsyth, Missouri convinced me more than ever that many of us should consider planting a small garden. Lettuce was well over a dollar a head, celery was pushing … Continue reading

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On the Fly Vegetable Beef Soup

Some days you just want to make soup, but depressingly you are missing some of the key ingredients. That’s where you can do what I do! Scrounge around and make the damn thing on the fly! On this occasion, I … Continue reading

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So, what’s happening in the garden?

After a cold night down here in southwestern Missouri, where the temperatures dipped down into the thirties overnight, I have to say that the following day was a gem. That seems to be the modis operandi in spring. A really … Continue reading

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Soil Structure and Its Effect on Plant Growth

One of the major tenants of garden lore that is mentioned, but rarely talked about in any detail, is the need to pay attention to garden soil structure. Too often a beginning gardener becomes disappointed with their early efforts, not … Continue reading

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The Actual Cost of Vegetables at the Store

I though it might be interesting to take a look at the actual cost of certain vegetables I pay for at the grocery store. I was amazed to find that no one seems to be tracking this sort of stuff. … Continue reading

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