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Easywater – another scam brought to you by some folks in Indiana!

I could not help but report on this company that is advertising on TV concerning their ‘revolutionary’ new process to soften water in your home for only a thousand dollars or so. Here is a recent comment from the Complaints … Continue reading

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Yoshi ceramic knife a scam?

Go to the site to check this deal out. Here is a sample complaint: “After seeing the TV ad, I was intrigued and decided that the Yoshiblade was worth a try. After all, at $19.99, the risk is very … Continue reading

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Domain Registry of America. A simple scam?

I stumbled across this piece on the Shaw Web Designs page concerning notices being sent out by Domain Registry of America. “I just received this in the mail (real mail) from Domain Registry of America. My initial reaction was that … Continue reading

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But Wait! If you order now…

How many times have you heard those words on what has quaintly (but also accurately) been referred to as the boob tube? OK, listen up all you rubes out there. Anytime you hear ‘But Wait’, I want you to jot … Continue reading

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Safelink Cell phones for the poor?

You’ve got to be jacking me! This deal is so full of crap I cannot believe it. Before you buy, please research where the money is coming from and who it’s really going to. Check Don Burleson’s Blog for more.

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OK – time for another product check – Quietus

I’ve suffered from this very common condition for most of my life. It comes and goes and most of the doctors I’ve talked to have said that Tinnitus is not really a disease, but a symptom resulting from a range … Continue reading

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Water Jet As Seen on TV. What a great deal from Crime Inc.

Waterjet Quick Connect posted on ‘The Complaint Board’ San Marcos , California United States “I saw an infomercial for the Waterjet Quick Connect and ordered the product sometime last month. My credit card has not been billed. The transaction was … Continue reading

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