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What exactly does a cup of homemade chili weigh?

It can be frustrating to people, such as myself, when I’m looking up the nutritional information on a recipe like chili only to see that their unit of measure is something called a cup. I decided to find out for … Continue reading

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How a simple bowl of red can really sink your diet!

By itself, a simple bowl of chili using the following ingredients, is low in calories. Following are the actual ingredients and amounts used: .87 lb hamburger meat, 81% lean 19%fat 14.5 oz can of petite tomatoes withe sweet onions 15.5 … Continue reading

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In search of the perfect minimalists chili recipe!

Making a really great pot of chili on a ninety degree day would seem a bit obtuse or even strange to many folks. Well, call me a practicing masochist then, as I do love eating a good bowl of red … Continue reading

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It’s all just a crock – pot meal that is!

Crockpots, or slow cookers, as they are also known have always been a ying-yang kind of affair with me. They cook some recipes well, while destroying others. Over the years I’ve learned that other forms of cooking all have their … Continue reading

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Vegetable Soup on the cheap! For the times ahead…

Here’s a recipe that anyone can make and which is pretty cheap to make with store bought ingredients. (It’s even cheaper if you have some of the items in a garden out back). Ingredients: 132 g beef cubed, optional (half … Continue reading

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Great tasting tuna salad sandwiches!

I have to say that for ease of preparation, health and taste…nothing comes closer than a good old Tuna Salad Sandwich! The ingredients are simple: the tuna, some mayo, a small stalk of celery and sweet pickle relish. Just mix’em … Continue reading

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Kicking up the taste of a low salt spaghetti sauce!

If you’re one of those trying to reduce your salt intake, Congrats. That’s a tough call in a world where the mega food suppliers are actively conspiring against you. Almost any food, especially poorer quality foods, taste a lot better … Continue reading

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