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Comparing calories in dry and wet pasta!

I’ve always gotten confused when it came to calorie counting pasta! So, I decided to see for myself what was what! I took 56 grams of plain egg noodles that the package advertised as containing 200 calories and then cooked … Continue reading

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Caloric content of various pasta sauces with meat!

Using the various sauces that are available on pasta noodles can be a problem when you try to figure out just how many calories you’re getting per serving. Even figuring out what a ‘serving’ is can pose problems all on … Continue reading

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The case for Penne Rigate!

A very popular form of pasta is the tubular ridged form known as Penne Rigate. It got its name from the fact that each piece sort of resembles a birds quill, but with ridges. I prefer it over standard spaghetti … Continue reading

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Cooking spaghetti properly!

Cooking spaghetti properly should not be all that hard to do, but for some of us it is. Just reading the directions on the package does not always result in pasta that is pleasing to the palette. I’m looking, right … Continue reading

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