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Random Thoughts for September 2017!

Enima Awards full of vitriol! The last time I watched the Emmy Awards, I think I was like 15 years old. And even then, it was only because the people I was with wanted to watch. For myself, I have … Continue reading

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BBQ Chicken via the Convection Oven route!

Initial Prep: Rinse, pat dry and throw the chicken onto an ‘elevated’ drip pan (so the grease can drain), and then ‘roast’ them in a preheated convection oven, set to 390 degrees for about twenty four minutes.   Da Sauce: … Continue reading

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Pillsbury and their not so ‘hot tasting’ cinnamon rolls? Wrong!

Recently I made an impulse purchase of Pillsbury Flaky Cinnamon Rolls with caramel icing. (I did this just to see if I could possibly push my incipient diabetes over the top)…. Whenever I purchase something I haven’t tried before, I … Continue reading

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Calories in a mayonnaise packet!

Whenever I go out to eat where I’m picking up a meal to take home, somewhere in the bag will often be a few packets of mustard, ketchup and mayo! I use the mustard and ketchup without thought as to … Continue reading

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A real beef stir fry!

Hey! It’s what’s for breakfast down here in SW MO! On this most bodacious Saturday (in late August, 2014 as the temps hit 100°Fon a regular basis), I planned to fully enjoy what could soon be a vanishing taste sensation… … Continue reading

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