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Critique: Banquet’s Mexican Style Enchilada Meal

By way of preamble, I understand that a few years back, before the advent of Obama-economics this meal cost something like .88 cents. Today, in 2011, it’s currently about a buck. And Banquet folks, thanks their inventive ways, have produced … Continue reading

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Critique: Marie Callender’s Salisbury Steak!

To date, I’ve written several critiques covering Salisbury steak offerings from; Healthy Choice (Score = 8), Lean Gourmet (a 7), Michelina (a not so solid 7) and Banquet (also a 7). Other than price differences, these meals tested as OK … Continue reading

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Critique: Stouffer’s stuffed Pepper entree!

At $4.65, I felt that I had really splurged when I bought what had always been a favorite in days gone by. The packaging looked just the way my homemade peppers looked when I made this recipe from scratch! At … Continue reading

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Schwan’s mini Deep Dish Pizza a failure?

I recently purchased a box of 6 ‘crispy, 5-inch deep dish crust is loaded with slices of premium, smoky pepperoni, along with creamy, 100% real Mozzarella cheese.’ And, while the taste was awesome (a solid 8), and they are super … Continue reading

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Critique: Schwan’s Roasted Turkey Meal!

Commercial picture For some time, I’ve wanted to give Schwan’s Home Delivery a try. I finally had a chance to order a batch of food including one Roasted Turkey meal a TV dinner if you will. The cost was $4.50 … Continue reading

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Critique: Schwan’s French Baguette Bread!

Fresh and warm! According to Schwan’s Home Delivery, their French Baguette breadis ‘easily stored in your freezer, it’s a happy day when the aroma of freshly baked bread fills your home. Our bread is crispy on the outside and soft … Continue reading

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Critique: Smart Ones Pasta Primavera!

‘Tender bow tie pasta with broccoli florets and julienne-cut carrots in a creamy Parmesan sauce.’ That’s the description on the cover of this Weight Watchers 250 calories TV dinner! It was on sale for $2.50 and I decided to give … Continue reading

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