Mediacom – A very poorly run company!

2016-08-22_1825If you live in Taney County Missouri, then the chances are pretty good one of your few choice for cable service would be Mediacom. They are the only service around my parts to offer high speed internet service and so hold many of us subscribers in a sort of death grip. Here are a few of the benefits any potential subscribers can expect. Those of my readers who already subscribe already know some of these very well…poor

  1. Intermittent service – Mediacom seems to make it some kind of goal to offer up mediocre to very poor continuous service, both in the TV and Internet realms. It’s not a rare event for me to try and watch a movie only to have the signal drop out. A very frustrating, yet often occurrence with this company. Then, there is the Internet, something that many of us now find they must have… Unfortunately, Mediacom’s aging infrastructure seems rarely up to the task at hand as this graphic illustrates. And by the way, all those red lines. Well, they aren’t a good thing… I’ve lost track being able to remember even full day when there was a signal problem of form. In my view, their equipment is of poor quality and their servers are run by idiots. But that’s just my opinion.
  1. And then there was the decision by some ‘management person’ who thought it would be a good idea to flash weather warnings whenever a storm was several counties away. Exactly how this company decided it wanted to be in the weather alert business is beyond my comprehension. Perhaps they should leave it to the professionals and just provide entertainment programming. Most everyone now has a computer and a weather radio to medicom_assholeshelp keep them abreast of developing weather events. And, you know what, most of the weather radios use S.A.M.E. Technology so you can be alerted whenever bad weather threatens the county in which you live. Really guys, I don’t need warnings flashing every ten minutes, interrupting my movie enjoyment, for storms that are sixty mile away and not headed in my general direction.

It is very sad, to me, that even as we are moving bravely forward into the 21st Century, we still have reject companies with 1995 equipment trying to provide service and yet failing so miserably at that endeavor.


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I am just a simple man with a head full of sand who is currently residing in a small town called Forsyth Missouri. I enjoy hiking, camping and all things related to gardening. I rec’d my degree from SIU majoring in Biology many moons ago and still maintain a great interest in the study of all living things. My hobbies include meteorology, the Finnish language and inhabiting cyberspace whenever possible.
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