One country that doesn’t think Bernie Sanders is so damn hot!


Media Blackout as Bernie Sanders’ Socialist Mecca of Venezuela Collapses Into Chaos – Police Beating Protesters In The Streets…. Silvanus Publishing

Venezuela Trucks Food Directly to the Poorest as Chaos Spreads… Bloomberg

Venezuela’s Food Shortage Is Starving Zoo Animals… The Daily Caller

These were a few of the recent headlines concerning the meltdown of one of the world’s most oil rich countries under Socialist control. And, while I do not mean to take this post as a rant again the Democratic Party, it is intended to serve as an eye opener for the very few liberals who might read it.

Right now, Venezuela is in the process of a recall vote. In other words they want the current President kicked out. But, it’s clear that President Nicolás Maduro and much of the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) don’t want that vote to take place.

You know, dear reader, it takes a lot of effort to destroy a country that is awash in oil, but Maduro and his communist minions have manage to accomplish just that! And, this is exactly the same sort of party that Bernie Sanders wants installed in America! Even worst,  it seems that 40% of the Democratic party are for exactly that!

Seriously? While such a political setup is great if you’re part of the elite. I can promise you that life will suck if your are in the middle class on down. Ask anyone who’s living on day to day rations in Venezuela.


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