We do know what’s good for you!


This post is not intended as a hatchet job on the uber progressives or on their possible intentions to destroy the United States as it exists today. I don’t need to go that route as they are doing a great job of alienating the public all on their own. No, this post is about the evolution of a simple gate controlling access to an average park that is owned and controlled by the Federal government. But, make no mistake about it. Federal land does not belong to the People, it belongs to the elitist forces that hide in shadows and who control our lives.


So, capping either end of this beautiful park by a river, we have two avenues of access. One is from a main artery known as Highway 76, with the other is a street known as Baker. (Baker street being a county maintained road that runs through the park and up a rather steep hill on into a small subdivision). So, that’s the jest of things; one park near a river, one street and two gates. Seems a simple enough scenario, don’t you agree?

The fly in this ointment, however, is the fact that the river floods from time to time. This is partly due to Mother Nature and partly due to incompetence on the part of many other individuals. However, when the park does flood, it poses a hazard to anyone attempting to drive through the area. And so here we get a chance to encounter a tiny microcosm of how a developing ‘nanny state’ likes to work over time. In my view, the mantra of the left could well be ‘We know what is best for you, you slow thinking people and we want to help.’ So, let’s take a look at one of the gates that sits atop a hill and which leads down into a park that sometimes floods…. a young man named Dudley used this road a lot to get to work… and this is how he handled floods over the course of time.

1990’ish – Dudley would drive to a spot where the road descended down to River Run and he would see that there was water over the road and would think, ‘Dang, I’ll have to use the back road.’ He’d then turn around and go the other way! No gate, no problems. Freedom of choice rules the day!

[a darkish cloud forms on the horizon]

1995’ish – A rather flimsy gate with no lock was put in place by you guessed it. Whenever water was over the roads down in the park, a stern handwritten sign would advised a motorist of that condition. However, should the individual decide to do so, he could open the gate and drive on down at his own risk. Why could he do that? Because we still had individual freedoms, Bubba.

An older Dudley drives up and sees the sign and then decides to go the alternate route. Yet, he is a bit intimidated and not even sure why….. Ah! Freedom still rules, but is maybe hobbled just a bit now…

[darker clouds slowly fill the sky like some metastasizing cancer]

2012 – A very expensive gate is installed, (which would take explosives to open in the event it was closed and locked). Shortly after that, newly re-elected President Obama decides to close all the parks in the United States over a budget dispute. He has some ‘wiggle room’ now as American has apparently endorsed his insane views.

Why close a park you ask? It is because the Corps were underfunded?

Nope. About all the Corps ever does is drive through the park once or twice a month and what could that cost?

Well, maybe they couldn’t afford to pay the Park Attendant, then.

No, they work there in summer for free as volunteers…. You all want to know the real reason? It was simply an exercise in power and control. They wanted to see if they could strip the average American of some basic freedoms, just to see if and how they would react.

Our old man Dudley slowly drives up to the steel gate and spies large sign saying ‘Park is Closed’ and feels great anger. He realizes he is getting screwed. He’s just not sure what to do about it. Washington is so far away. He’ll probably do nothing…. and drives the other way.

Meanwhile, Obama sits in his fancy chair in the Oval Office and smiles…

2017 or thereabouts – A freshly painted sign announces that the Park is closed for good and that trespassers will be shot. It’s by the EPA and so looks so very official. No number to call and if you did mange to find one, no one would answer. And Dudley? Well he was gone and buried.

End of a story. End of a 239 year old Republic….. As of late June 2016 – the gate is once again closed. [A fact I find both irksome and troubling]. The real scary thing, though, is the almost total lack of communication between agencies, like the Corps, and the people they are supposed to be serving… Also, Hitler never made the quote…


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I am just a simple man with a head full of sand who is currently residing in a small town called Forsyth Missouri. I enjoy hiking, camping and all things related to gardening. I rec’d my degree from SIU majoring in Biology many moons ago and still maintain a great interest in the study of all living things. My hobbies include meteorology, the Finnish language and inhabiting cyberspace whenever possible.
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