The Dawn Mission coverup?


[Originally published Mar 26, 2015] OK, this post is a work of pure fiction, although as of this writing the two bright spots seen on the Ceres minor planet continue to puzzle scientists.

But, I couldn’t help but think what it might mean for the tired old planet of ours should these spots turn out to be enormous monoliths. You know, similar to the small one they find on the moon in 2001: A space Odyssey.

The picture shown here was taken by the Dawn spacecraft from a distance of 29, 000 miles and so those spots would have to be enormous in size! But, what if on a later picture, the images resolve like so? What sort of impact would that have on this planet? On America? On the Middle East?

One thing for sure. There would be one hell of a race to build craft to get there! I would picture insane goings amongst the various nations  on in a similar vein to the move titled ‘The Great Race’! Great entertainment indeed!

April 5 Update: Dawn’s arrival in orbit was almost a month ago… since then a total blackout of any news concerning Ceres; no closeup photos, no scientists speculations, no nothing…. The question now becomes, exactly what is NASA or the government or both hiding from the public? My next conjecture is that NASA will announce that the craft has suffered a ‘failure’ and that no pictures will be forthcoming..


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One Response to The Dawn Mission coverup?

  1. James says:

    You are right! I’ve been following this NASA Ceres adventure since the beginning. Something very strange is going on with the Ceres encounter. 1) Notice that the latest photos of Ceres from Dawn are from an awkward “top of pole” fiew that completely obstructs any equatorial fiew of the “lights”. This is a very unusual orientation of a spacecraft for any planetary observation…you only get to see half the planet as it rotates under the craft. If Dawn has been deliberately injected into a polar orbit, it will be a first for a planetary encounter in NASA deep space history. Why? All the other available photos since Feb 19th, which first demonstrated not one but two lights, NASA has been very stingy with their photos. The next photo release was from Mar 26th in which an orbiting Ceres is shown in jerky “stop motion” frames and the lights only suddenly appear in the middle of the rotation. What is that about? The lights should have been visible as the planet rotated \them into view. NASA obviously retouched or manipulated the shots without explanation. All other graphic news has been in animation or that strange, convoluted graphics describing the snake-like orbital injection no one has ever seen before…this supposedlycaused a complete photo blackout of Ceres because “Dawn was orbiting only on the dark side of Ceres” and thus photos would have shown nothing. This never stopped NASA from”back side” shots before of the moons of Jupiter and Saturn! Even viewing a space object from the dark side always shows interesting backlit gassing plumes or atmosphereic anomaies…but, NASA simply shut everything off…now they show this sort of “steam cloud” emaniting from Ceres…but, no mention of where it is emanting from on the surface..Why? Other photos, released under the heading “Dawn shows clearest photos of Ceres” show very blurry phtos..of such poor quailty nothing of interest can actually be discerned. Or the panoramic, color enhanced collage (proving NASA has cability to take sharp images) of the whole planetoid (Hey, I thought DAWN was on the “dark” side all this time? Hmmm) which shows some blurred out and quite dodged portions in the area of the lights- clearly Phtoshopped for public consumption. WHY??

    Yes, indeed, something very strange is coming from NASA now and my guess is, we will never know the reason why. What ever it is that NASA is hiding, is so important, they are trashing their already flaky reputation for it. I suspect as time goes on NASA will be forced to either admit they have something strange or they will simply disable the Dawn spacecraft and claim “malfuntion” so they can avoid facing the tax paying public altogether.


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