Random food thoughts!

Hamburger heaven at home!

11aOutside, it was an overcast December day with clouds that were leaking from time to time. Inside was a different story, though, as I was preparing a most bodacious hamburger and French fry type of lunch!

When making a hamburger at home, the ingredients you use will go pretty far in determining how tasty the finished burger may be. In my case, I like to purchase preformed patties made from 81/19% lean to fat and premium buns like Pepperidge Farm’s Golden Potato Hamburger Buns! Those two guys, along with a couple of condiments and a veggie or two add up to a good eating experience! Not that for a real tomato taste, I use sliced cherry tomatoes during the winter months!

For the French fries I often raid the freezer for seasoned frozen fries that get popped into the convection oven for about twenty minutes at 390 degrees. They come out hot and crisp! Just the way I like them!

Hamburger hell, for kids working fast food joints!

momentum-machinesIn response to a growing demand for insanely higher minimum wages, some fast food emporiums are looking at alternative solutions! One San Francisco-based company , Momentum Machines, says it has already built a working hamburger-making robot that can do the job of up to three kitchen workers, grilling a beef patty, adding lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and onions and dropping it all on a bun. It can reportedly produce up to 400 hamburgers per hour. “Our device isn’t meant to make employees more efficient,” co-founder Alexandros Vardakostas has said. “It’s meant to completely obviate them.”

So, I guess when you’re faced with paying your employees $15 an hour, you might just be forced to innovate the problem away….

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Lunch at Subway’s!

subway-counterAt some point last summer, I stopped at a Subway located near my home in Forsyth Missouri and fell in love with their Cold Cut Combo 6” meal deal! (A great lunch time selection and hopefully a healthy addiction over time)!

And so it was on one of the coldest mornings of the 2016- 2017 winter, that I stopped at the 14974 US Hwy 160 venue (a location that was just to the north of small town of Forsyth Missouri), to grab a midday lunch! And, yes, I knew exactly what I wanted to chow down on!

Their Cold Cut Combo is just one of many sandwich offerings to be found at Subway, but it had tickled my fancy mostly because it was a healthy combo of veggies and meats on bread – simple and wholesome, just like myself. [OK. So, maybe I’m just simple].

I arrived at the popular eatery early on a Tuesday morning, at around about11:30 AM, in order to skirt the crowds that always seem to show up right at about the noon hour. I ambled into the always spotless eatery and found that there was only one person at the order counter. Perfect! But, now a word of caution! When you approach the counter of any Subway in the US, there is most always a great looking display of ‘chips-in-bags’, just begging to be snatched up. But, don’t do it! These little bags of joy are actually ‘caloric weight bombs’! And when they detonate, they can wreck even the most carefully devised diet! Thus, as I approached the counter that morning… I quickly grabbed myself a bag of Lays chips! [So, go ahead and sue me]!

Bag in hand, I then got the attention of the person I like to call the ‘Facilitator’. (That’s the guy or girl who assembles your sandwich according to your instructions). From a strictly procedural standpoint, you first call out the base and style of the sandwich. ‘White bread, 6 inch cold cut combo,’ I stated assertively that morning. The Facilitator eyed me casually and then asked, ‘Ya’ll want that toasted?’ ‘Yes, I do’, I answered back. (My mouth had began to drool a bit, at that point. A troubling, but well understood development from past visits).

That chore accomplished, the last item in the order process was what most always got me flustered. My ‘virginal white bun’ had just come out of the flash oven and it smelled terrific! It was hot-to-trot and merely awaited my personal selection of veggies from what looked to be a cornucopia of mouth watering selection bins that contained every condiment imaginable. (On this day, however, excessive drooling forced me to forego normal speech in favor of a cannibalistic form of grunting and pointing. Thankfully, the Facilitator interpreted these strange gyrations correctly). [FYI – I prefer hot peppers, mayo, lettuce and onion on my cold cut combo]. In no time, the meal was expertly ‘wrapped up’ and I then paid up.

OK, just a word about Subway and the cost of their food. It’s atrocious! Seriously, I sometimes feel like an addict scoring some drug for a hundred dollars. OK, may be not as bad as all that. Still, the 6 inch sub and the bag of chips cost $5.25 including tax! Personally, I think that a little costly! But hey, I’m a true culinary addict, like I said…

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Call me Mr. Blue!



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Merry whatever!


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Is it the last days of America?

New York City – The stock market Dow Jones average was creeping towards the 20K mark as Wall Street investors seemed a bit nervous. Huh? Was it the credit bubble in bonds or was it the the looming increase in interest rates that was bothering them the most? How long, everyone wonders, before this house of cards crumbles?

Europe – Europe today is a complete financial mess. The strongest countries face lackluster economic growth, while the weakest, like Greece, are struggling to recover from depression-like downturns. Politically, things are even worse, as disillusionment with European and domestic institutions and elites is at record levels, and support for far-left and far-right parties is growing, creating political instability. And then there is the immigrant problem.

While the European Union (EU) and the multicultural northern member states prevaricate over a migrant crisis they cannot seem to get a grip on, more conservative Eastern European nations Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia have been meeting in Prague to discuss closing the Balkans to illegal immigrants. The entire continent is fast becoming a tender box of unrest.

Asia – Countries like Iraq and Syria are locked in an ever escalating battle of Christians versus Muslims. Tens of thousands lie dead with no end in sight. And, behind the scenes you can see Russian and Iranian officials making long term war plans behind closed doors. Caught in the middle are civilians who are running, but with no welcoming place to go. ISIS, at about 80 thousand strong continue their insane antics in hot spots all over the region and will serve as a focal point for a military buildup in the US under Trump.

China – Bloated with hundreds of millions of dirt poor citizens, a ‘false’ economy and a leadership intent on world dominance and you have all the makings for major upheaval and even war.

The Baltic’s – Sandwiched like meat in between the West and Russia, these countries face a doom and gloom future. This area is very likely to play a large role in future World Wars that could ignite between the super powers.

The above are just a few of the ‘nasties’ that are working behind the scenes in a world that sits on the ragged edge. Not mentioned are fun realities like climate change, rotting infrastructure, probabilities of pandemic disease outbreaks, shortage of water and pollution. All of which will land on the table in front of the newly elected President Donald J. Trump sometime in mid January 2017! Oh. And, did I mention that the US is pretty much flat broke?

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Looking back two generations!

my-grandfatherDaniel William Owen please meet Daniel Wade Owen!

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Random thoughts for December 2016!

Rosland Capitol’s gold scam!

Godevaneod old (and I mean older than the hills), William Devane would have you believe that you must invest in precious metals as regular currency will be all but worthless after the next super market crash that is headed our way. And while he’s right about a currency you could maybe still wipe your ass with, he’s lying when it comes to so-called precious metals!

The problem is this. When the next crash occurs, it will be due arguably to all the phony money that Obama and friends printed over the course of nearly a decade. I can envision a market crash of over twelve thousand points with other world markets following suit in due course! And, a crash like that will leave most currencies pretty near worthless! Now imagine that you are hungry and have little food to spare while the nation struggles to get back on its feet. A man comes to your door and offers a gold Krugerrand fir a loaf of bread and a can of soup. Would you make that trade. Probably not, as you can’t eat metal, now can you?

Whats better than gold, you may ask? Well, I can think of a whole list of durable assets like guns and ammo that would be worth their weight in gold almost anywhere in the world at such a time of need. Other everyday items like gardening tools, seeds, hammers and… well you get the picture. All of these could be bartered for food and drugs and other essentials and would fetch a good price in the bargain!

So, when you see old William with his pointed ‘scare tactics’, I’d advise you to just change the channel.

So, we got ourselves a Trump!

DonaldCome January 2017, Donald J. Trump will be sworn in as the next President of the United States! He will be replacing Obama, a man who left the economy in a shambles. And, assuming someone doesn’t shoot the new guy, that man is going to have quite a job on his hands as the mess that was left behind is incredible.

As for myself, I will take a wait and see attitude. The promises Trump has made sound great, but will take miracle after miracle to happen. The truth is that everywhere you look, the signs of incipient decay, corruption and even insanity lay all around. Our world is fast approaching key tipping points with a major war the most likely result. I am just happy to have been alive during the really good years.

What’s ever going to happen to the Democratic Party!

In my limited view, I’d say that the Democrats and their Party are kaput! They managed to screw the pooch even when they held both Houses and the Executive office for a long time. Hillary’s run was a wake up call for everyone! Even a guy I know who was a rabid Far Left wingnut voted for Trump this time around. He told me that while he was a bit out there when it came to politics, he was still not crazy enough to vote a crook into the highest office of the land!

Time will tell as to how the Democratic loons will evolve over the coming couple of years they are out of power. I predict absolute failure from now on if only because they had picked everyone’s pockets of all the money they could from 2008 to present. By the time 2020 rolls around, there won’t likely be any money to be found nowhere nohow!

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