An egg, a couple of biscuits and some gravy!

Eggand biscuitsEach and every time I manage to get back on track, diet wise, I seem to then wander a bit in a culinary sense. On this day, I was overcome with a desire for some biscuits and gravy, so to that end I made myself a breakfast that included them.

Now, I understand that it’s pretty easy to get into ‘trouble’ eating that sort of junk food, but I figured what the hey. Yet, I was a little concerned as to what a nutritional panel might reveal. So, here is what I discovered:

breakfastI admit to be somewhat surprised. The calories were not that big an issue at all! What was a pair of issues, however, was the out of control level of sodium and them thar carbohydrates. The first helps to exacerbate hypertension while the second get converted almost exclusively into fat tissue. Bummer. Still, I figured if I only ate this kind of junk occasionally, I’d squeak through….

Sorry for the terrible display. This is exactly why I hardly ever post anything on this site anymore…

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Finding level 401!

2001-A-Space-Odyssey-‘401’ is not about a retirement fund, it’s about a life….

At some point in my early existence, say late 1949, I was just a fertilized zygote, then I was an embryo and over a period of time – I was a fetus growing in a female’s womb over a period of about nine month’s time. A story that has been told billions of times. A story being told to this very day… The truth is, we all have arrived here on earth via the same process and the same exact birth canal!

The thing is, some young children are born into wealth, some into so-so circumstances and way too many find themselves thrust into a ‘live and then die early’ existence from day one! Seven billion plus walk our tiny ball of granite on this day in early 2018. Not counting trillions of fellow ‘biotics’ that have also experience a birthing process – protozoa, bacteria, insects and all the other phylla of the family of life tree, which all battle for their existence daily. Of all these creations, over eons of time, there exists a special evolved class – homo sapiens – A species whose major claim to fame is something called ‘self awareness’. (How we all got to this higher state of awareness is a question best left for others more wise than me). The reality is, each of living person who reads this post this day, has won a kind of special lottery – (or else we’d never have made it down that canal in the first place).

So, generation after generation, we stand bravely (or in cowardly manner) before the light that is our Creator. A Deity who had issued mankind only one dictum according to many scholars … ‘Go forth and choose that which is good or bad, then suffer the consequences! Each of you, make that call each day. We walk this earth and exercise dominion over all those species around you which are weaker, slower or more basic than thou. Each and everyone of YOU seeing this were His best thought. A true image of goodness made to spread and to prosper and to protect this Universe. A product of evolution made in His image, and who shall then move forward as immortals (in training). Each learning, along the way, that the biggest we become in terms of wielding power, the more that we become a humble servant of the smallest around us. (Well, some do at any rate). Men and women, who should they past the Test, may go forth to ever new and more exciting challenges after passing from this existence…’

OK, so just search 401 on this other site (… Note: I’m in the good care of doctors somewhere and someplace!

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So long 2017 – You were a real mess!

On the eve of passing from one year to ttrumphe ext, I wanted to bid 2017 not such a great farewell. The year was a tough one for many and will likely not be talked about much by historians. True we did elect a man called Trump against incredible odds (alleged FBI and DOJ involvement). Trump was beaten in the popular vote, but won the electoral college. Go figure. Then, as it turned out, there was evidence of a ton of ‘illegal’ maneuverings on the part of the Clinton and the DNC, (if you would believe the preponderance of material that was uncovered indicating collusion of all sorts).

On January the 21st of that year, Trump took the reigns of a Nation that was; evenly divided against him, in an eight year long financial doldrum and had a leaky southern border while some quantifiable nut jobs in other countries seemed bent on our annihilation. A tough nut to crack for sure! But, by the end of the year, some real progress had been made, not the least of which was tax reform and an economy that was clicking along at 3% plus! Who would have thought!

alMeanwhile, in halls of Congress, it became apparent that some of our honorable Senators and Representatives were having (or had) troubles keeping their hands to themselves. You might say it was the year of the outraged woman! Interestingly, people’s lives were destroyed just on allegations alone. Wow! What a world.


peeingAnd then there were those pesky ‘sanctuary states’ like California. A real piece of work, that place is. Deeply in debt, poorly run and headed by people like Brown whose head is so far up his ass it often emerges from his mouth, in my opinion! When California, Illinois and New York eventually go belly up (and they will), I am hoping our government acts responsibly and sells them off to China. Meanwhile, anyone desiring to visit cesspools, like San Francisco, can have fun watching people urinating in the city streets!

stocksOne of the true bright spots, in an otherwise dismal year, was the stock market. It broke record after record, much to the chagrin of the Democratic Party. Hey hey, 25K dudes! And, if the tax break results in an even more robust economy, it will be nothing but doom and gloom for the Left as we wander our way through 2018 and the midterm elections.


Interspersed betwixt and between all this drama was a world that was experiencing a continuing techno revolution! We had quad copters everywhere, Net Neutrality issues, Amazon, Google and a host of other explosive advances that kept some of us hiding in our bedrooms! OK, maybe that was just me…

So, 2017… Good luck, goodbye and good riddance!

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From the womb to death! Just a fast slide!

Having faith in oneself, from birth to self awareness and then on to the trials of each person’s existence, are the challenges God did place here on this planet – please visit my mini rabbit hole….

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So, ya think tax reform has a chance?

It is not to unusual to see public votes, say for casino’s or the like to often hit numbers that approach 50-50. Something that happens when you ask a mixed and mostly uninformed citizenry to vote. Rule: The failure of participants to be truly informed on an issue up for vote, will often have the effect of said issue not passing. That’s just the way of things….

Just look at today’s Congress, including both the House and the Senate. Its constituency has evolved into roughly two groups that oppose each other on most every idea or concept. Bills that come before either house can only pass if each is transformed into sort of a ‘meat wagon’ (aka added pork). Such that by the time it ever does get passed, the original intent and benefits to be enjoyed, had become buried by the addition of spurious issues that end up serving only the special interests of a few. (I look at ObamaCare as a prime example of a bill that could have been written on just a few pages, but which ultimately became thousands of pages in length. A document so convoluted and steeped in regulations, that it has become almost impossible for clinics, hospitals and care centers to swallow. A bill that had great intentions, now subjugated to infamy when put to actual use.

So, it is with a sad heart that I can guarantee that not only will any and all healthcare initiatives fail, but that most all new bills coming forward, (via the Republicans) are also doomed. (Just think about it. How many truly meaningful bills have passed in recent decades). When one side is in power, the other side blocks. Forget about the possible benefits to the general public. That’s no longer what’s important! The end result is that a great Republic is hobbled and is now oftentimes only moving forward by Executive Action – the stroke of the President’s pen. And, what little legislation that is passed by Congress, is mostly so full of garbage that it’s a complete joke. Is it any wonder that the approval rating of Congress stands at 15% and is dropping more every day?

The bottom line. Healthcare repeal – forget about it. Immigration reform – no way hose. Tax reform – ain’t gonna happen. What is sure to happen will be increasing chaos. A situation greatly exacerbated by forces that would like to see us fall….

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Stand! The heart of America beats true!

Stand true

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Random thoughts for October 10!

Jerry the Berry signs yet another great law in California!

bloodCalifornia’s governor, Jerry Brown, on Friday signed a law that lowers the penalty for exposing partners to HIV from a felony to a misdemeanor, which includes those who donate blood without informing the center about their HIV status.

“Today California took a major step toward treating HIV as a public health issue, instead of treating people living with HIV as criminals,” Sen. Scott Wiener, D.- San Francisco, told The Los Angeles Times.

My question is what sort of slack-jawed, knuckle dragging hairball, living in California actually thinks this would be a step forward? And, do you think anyone who is even partially sane is going to get a blood transfusion in the great snowflake state now? Not me baby!

Food trucks needed!

Food-truck-1-56a7f5ff3df78cf7729b1e19When I attended college, every evening my dorm saw various and sundry food trucks pull up full of all sorts of tasty treats. I really loved those trucks.

Fast forward to the here and now and I think it’s time to get these purveyors of culinary delights back at any an all events, including area businesses like NEC. I would especially enjoy some good old homemade burgers and dogs. Well, maybe next summer that will happen more often. I know that the aldermen of Branson are currently considering just that idea…

My Tacos Supremos!

taco2Speaking of food. it was another rather blasé Tuesday, so… I decided to make up a batch of tacos! When a man gets a hankering, that’s how it goes….

Whenever I throw together these bits of culinary heaven, I insist on using hard shells with lots of crap thrown on top! Yep! That’d be the ticket…


Taco meat (HB and taco mix)

Hard corn taco shells

Taco mix shredded cheese

Shredded lettuce

Diced tomatoes

Green chilies, chopped

Salsa Ranchera


If you don’t know how to make taco meat, please stay out of the kitchen and away from sharp blades. I prefer 80/20 ground beef mixed with McCormick’s Original Taco mix. Once this is ready, I mount the shells in my little taco holders and then throw on the rest of ingredients with wild abandon! Making tacos is about as easy as ‘cooking’ gets!

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