Random thoughts for April 2017!


Da French Dip sandwich!

FrenchDipForsyth MO – I’m a very big fan of a roast beef styled sandwich known as the French Dip. But, here’s an interesting factoid – it’s not from France at all! It was actually invented in Los Angeles! Who exactly invented the sandwich is still a matter of some contention. (Two local institutions—Cole’s and Philippe’s) both claim to have first created the crusty, beefy sandwich, served with its own jus for dipping. Well, whatever the origin, I often indulge in this luncheon delight as often as my waistline will permit!

Speaking of dips!

USS_Carl_Vinson_(CVN-70)_underway_in_the_Pacific_Ocean_on_31_May_2015Over on the other side of the globe, an interesting trial of wills is going on. I’m speaking of the contest of nerves that’s been generated between Kim Jon il and our President Trump! As I was writing this, we have the USS Carl Vinson strike group steaming towards the Korean Peninsula and perhaps a date with destiny. Sadly, it seems that Kim has not figured out that there has been a change of the guard here in America. He continues to openly threaten the safety of our troops stationed in South Korea and has made threats that he will initiate of thermonuclear war should we not kowtow to his demands. Like a kindly giant facing a raging ant, I’m hoping we don’t accidentally step on him and his sick regime.

And more dips…

riotersIn America, there exists a group of millions and millions of hard working, God fearing and loving people. Men and women who believe in capitalism, the family unit and practicing good will towards all men. Sadly, there is another group that doesn’t exactly follow those tenets. Their mindset is one of gross entitlement, political correctness and the hope that America will be ‘put in its place’. Some call these individuals the Far Left, Democrats, Liberals and Socialists. I call them oddballs, dimwitted and Godless pieces of.. well you know what!

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Circle of steel…


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Preformed hamburger patties!

20170412_111454-1Forsyth MO. – In the meat section of the Country Mart store are preformed hamburger patties the likes of which I’ve found to be somewhat addictive!

At $3.99 a pound, these burgers were way more expensive than the regular packaged ground beef offerings, but I’ve never been accused of being very logical!

IMG_0186The patties both weighed in at about .35 of a pound. I prepared one on my venerable George Foreman grill as it takes only a few minutes and much of the fat is drained off. From there, I added a bun, onion, mustard and ketchup and was ready to go! At about 340 calories, this wasn’t a diet destroying meal as I reluctantly left off the side of potato chips!

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Would a government shutdown be a good thing?

outof businessIn less than a week, after taking an Easter break, our congress will have to come to consensus in terms of the National Budget! A feat, should that occur, would not be unlike Jesus, when he walked on the waters in the Sea of Galilee! Right off the bat, the Democrats will try to impose not funding of the Mexican wall, something that President Trump has sworn we would do. Once again, everything will become politicized as the Democratic Party continues its relentless pursuit of stopping Trump at every turn. Their motto would seem to be ‘Let the Nation be damned, so long as Trump loses!’

So, OK, I would bet the bank that the government will shut down for a period of time. Maybe it will be shut down for a long period of time and I would then pose the question… Is that really a bad thing? What better way to downsize this ‘tumor’ than by strangling it of money. After a few months, most of the politicians would move on to more lucrative endeavors. The Halls of Congress would be empty except for the sighing of the wind. The river of money that feeds the government would slow to a trickle and a big problem would be solved….

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Psychology 401! Lifehouse and Learn You Inside Out!


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Of God, my father and me… Psych 401!


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Comparing calories in dry and wet pasta!

I’ve always gotten confused when it came to calorie counting pasta! So, I decided to see for myself what was what!

dry to wet

I took 56 grams of plain egg noodles that the package advertised as containing 200 calories and then cooked them for seven minutes in boiling water, drained them and did the weighing again. Above, you can see that gram for gram, the the wet should be figured at about half that of the dry (or what usually listed on the package). I also plan to do this for plain spaghetti pasta in the near future . The bottom line for me will be to take whatever the gram weight of wet pasta and then double it to get the approximate caloric content!

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