Mediacom – A very poorly run company!

If you live in Taney County Missouri, then the chances are pretty good one of your few choice for cable service would be Mediacom. They are the only service around my parts to offer high speed internet service and so hold many of us subscribers in a sort of death grip. Here are a few of the benefits any potential subscribers can expect. Those of my readers who already subscribe already know some of these very well…poor

  1. Intermittent service – Mediacom seems to make it some kind of goal to offer up mediocre to very poor continuous service, both in the TV and Internet realms. It’s not a rare event for me to try and watch a movie only to have the signal drop out. A very frustrating, yet often occurrence with this company. Then, there is the Internet, something that many of us now find they must have… Unfortunately, Mediacom’s aging infrastructure seems rarely up to the task at hand as this graphic illustrates. And by the way, all those red lines. Well, they aren’t a good thing… I’ve lost track being able to remember even full day when there was a signal problem of form. In my view, their equipment is of poor quality and their servers are run by idiots. But that’s just my opinion.
  1. And then there was the decision by some ‘management person’ who thought it would be a good idea to flash weather warnings whenever a storm was several counties away. Exactly how this company decided it wanted to be in the weather alert business is beyond my comprehension. Perhaps they should leave it to the professionals and just provide entertainment programming. Most everyone now has a computer and a weather radio to medicom_assholeshelp keep them abreast of developing weather events. And, you know what, most of the weather radios use S.A.M.E. Technology so you can be alerted whenever bad weather threatens the county in which you live. Really guys, I don’t need warnings flashing every ten minutes, interrupting my movie enjoyment, for storms that are sixty mile away and not headed in my general direction.

It is very sad, to me, that even as we are moving bravely forward into the 21st Century, we still have reject companies with 1995 equipment trying to provide service and yet failing so miserably at that endeavor.

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Forsyth MO BBQ and boat race…..

Just a bit of Americana. A snapshot of small town USA where a free people participated in celebrating life. Never understanding what what happening up north with our government.


Please check out this 2009 slice of life!

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PM Today and This Disease!

Rarely do I prefer to cross link stuff from other sites I maintain. This was an exception to that rule as I felt the need to share.


Teliometric shredding or TS will be a more common term some years in the  future. A time when we humans will be worth what our biological clock says we are worth…. Anyway, please click on

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Random Thoughts: River Run Park


So, where is everyone?

As it had been a stretch of time since I’d visited River Run Park. (A park located just to the east of the town of Forsyth Missouri). I decided to bag a lunch and head over there to eat and to see what was happening. When I arrived, the first thing that struck me was the very few number of RV’s that were staying there. In years past, August was almost always a very busy time, as vacationer’s all headed outdoors to enjoy the waning part of the summer. On my visit on this date, I counted only four campers in a Park that can handle about forty or more! So, I couldn’t help but wonder what was going on? Perhaps economic times really were worst than I had thought. Maybe people weren’t camping out as much anymore. I was clueless. On a more positive note; there was a Park Attendant in evidence. So, it appeared as though anyone could go there to relax and have a good time. Of some concern was the fact that one of the entrances remain closed for no good reason that I could see. It had been closed all year and inquiries to the Corps of Engineers by others had been met with total indifference. Perhaps there was no real good reason, but they decided to keep it closed anyway. Perhaps the Corps has gone the way of the EPA; both are fat, bloated sores on the butt of my Republic, in my opinion.

IMG_9647The trees that did survive!

About three years ago, the Corps of Engineers planted a smattering of young tree transplants all over the River Run Park. If memory serves me, there were two types; sycamores and Junipers. Only the Junipers appeared to have survived the most recent flood of a year ago. How they managed to do it was beyond me as they were fully submerged for the better part of a year! And go figure, it’s the only thing I can recall in over a decade that the Corps got right. I’m hopeful that this particular variety of tree will be able to handle the future floods that are certainly to come. River Run is a great Park to visit. I sure hope it survives the bridge that is due to be erected this coming fall. Which brings me to…

How to wreck a Park in two easy steps!

River Run Park is situated along a portion of the Bulls Shoal Lake – a body of water that is bounded on either end by dams. Both the Lake and the Park are managed by the Corps of Engineers, a group that you may have gathered  I have little good regard for. This coming fall they and they Missouri Department of Transportation will be erecting a new bridge alongside of an older bridge that was erected half a century ago. That there will be an adverse impact on the Park is a foregone conclusion, in my opinion. Lots and lots of heavy equipment will the a common scene in that area and there will be a lot of tearing up off the grounds. Add this to the work that is in progress whereby another firm that is installing new sewers and you have a pretty good idea that you might want to steer clear of the entire area in 2017!



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My first (and possibly my last) podcast!

0d4df-psychoAt some point in my long existence, you’d just have to know that I would discover that I had a mic attached to my Microsoft headphones! And from there it was a short jog to making a podcast! Actually, my first podcast done in one take with absolutely no script as will be plain should you bother to even listen. And, While I still don’t see just how useful such a vehicle of transmission is, I wanted to give er a go anyway. After all, Michael Savage seems to make a pretty good living at blathering daily on his Savage Nation program… so, here’s the link. Warning! Proceed at your own rick! The following broadcast contains adult subject matter, physiological rape and no logical train of thought whatsoever!

Note: Were I ever to contemplate another such auditory assault on my readers senses, I’d promise to make an effort to upgrade the sound quality and to shoot the commentator…

Some early comments on my social channel:

Bill M. (St. Louis MO) –‘ WTF?’

Louis C. (San Francisco, CA) – ‘You sir, have been reported to the FCC!’

Jimmy L. (Springfield MO) – ‘After listening to you for just a few moments, I realized that I was not the only loser on this planet! Thanks Bro!’

OK, thanks everyone for the accolades! All 7 of you! And since I was so damn popular here is another fragment with which to assault yourselves….

As always, these ramblings of my diseased mind were unscripted, unedited and without very much in the way of logical direction. So, what’s not to enjoy?

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Of venues in small town USA!

man in rainFor no real reason, one afternoon while driving down the main strip in my small town of Forsyth MO, I had occasion to reflect on how a place with a population of only two thousand should support seven eateries. Each of which were unique, while at the same time, lending themselves to a grouping of sorts..

McDonald’s and Sonic: Forsyth is blessed with two fast food houses; one being the upscale version of the other. Both employ drive thru’s which many people prefer use, although I’m not sure what the true reason is. Is is because they’re all in a hurry or is it perhaps because they’re all subliminally ashamed of eating junk food. Not sure. At any rate, I too admit to succumbing to an urge to visit one or the other about once a month. (There’s something about injecting a massive load of fat and salt into ones system that is so very damn satisfying). I can’t help but wonder just how many people these massive franchises have managed to kill, over the decades, via the complications of obesity or through outright heart attacks… I’d bet that number is frighteningly high.

Fat Daddy’s and the Long Horn: A step up the food chain, in my view would be these two ‘sit down’ eateries. Each serves up a wide menu of American food with a heavy leaning towards ‘beef style’ dishes. They are also ‘click restaurants’, in the sense that everyone seems to know everyone else when you walk into either. Of the two, I’d say that Fat Daddy’s is the more expensive due to their offerings of pulled this and shredded that pork-styled dishes. The Long Horn leans more towards a humble middle of the road burger and fries enterprise. Both feature rather uncomfortable seating, in my opinion.

The Frosted Mug and Charlie’s: Next, we come to eateries that also feature full service bars. But, please note that at that point, the comparison pretty much goes off into opposing directions. While the Mug is a true ‘joint’ in the genre of the 50’s – ‘Hey Butch what say we go down to the joint?’ Charlie’s is more of an ‘upscale’ establishment as it features a micro brewery and is so dazzling bright inside that’s it’s almost hard on the eyes. (Thus, when I want darkness and greasy food, I visit the Mug…. Alternatively, when I want to be ‘on center stage’ and sample say a slab of pricey ribs, I wander into to Charlie’s).

The Chinese/Mexican Place: Then, there’s the one place in my town where you can sample more exotic third world style foods. A venue, so named, because the owner must not have thought up something more descriptive to call it. (Had I been asked to assign it a moniker, I would have opted for ‘The Gluteal Crease’, if only to give it more schizophrenic appeal. At any rate, this is the venue to visit to after you’ve exhausted all the other ones and are growing desperate for something entirely different.

Charlupa’s: That leaves us with a venue that doesn’t even exist in Forsyth… yet. A ‘true’ bar that has blacked-out windows, a difficult to see interior and scantily clad female servers who sidle up to recessed booths containing men with appraising eyes. A place where one can sit with associates you’re not even supposed to be seen with in daylight.

At Charlupa’s, there might be free peanuts in the shell, in small dishes scattered up and down a stand alone bar that supports only about eight stools. The booths are equally very ‘recessed’ with lit lanterns that are always on due a darkness that exists even at high noon. A bar, if truth be told, where one could meet a secret lover or finalize a shady business deal. You know. The kind of bar Humphrey Bogart might have frequented back in his time. Yes sir, I think that I could spend quite a lot of my time there.

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Senior and Veteran discounts in Forsyth MO? No way Jose!

senior-discount-300x300Forsyth MO. – It amazes me, at times, how so very short sighted some business owners can be! At a time when the local economy continues to struggle, at a time when seniors have not seen a rate increase in over five years, at a time when our vets seem sometimes ignored; I admit to being puzzled by the inability of the local eateries to offer discounts to either group. (On the contrary, at least one popular venue has raised only just recently, some menu items by as much as twenty percent)! And, while I may not be the sharpest pencil in the box, I can envision fewer trips to eat out along with other people budget minded individuals such as myself.

Take a look around. A drive down the main strip in Forsyth Missouri can be very revealing. From Coy Blvd to Y Highway there are quite a ton of food emporiums; everything from a McDonald’s to more upscale specialty venues such as Fat Daddy’s and Charlie’s Steak, Ribs and Ale. Last time I counted, there were seven or eight such venues, in just under a couple of miles or so. (And, if rumor has it correct, there may be yet another restaurant opening up late in the year)! So, in a town that has only around two thousand citizens, you might expect that the competition would be pretty fierce. Strangely, however, the owners haven’t gone very far out of their way to incentivise otherwise loyal customers. A practice that will likely winnow out some of these establishments as we head into the much leaner winter months coming up.

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