Meatloaf again?

ml1A slab of meatloaf can be like a fickle woman; complex in texture, easy to screw up and try though you may, it can all fall apart quite easily!’

Of all the recipes I often create in my kitchen, a really good meatloaf ranks right up there! For me, it’s the best of all comfort foods; you get the original prepared meaty slab of meat covered with gravy and a side… And then, you can later enjoy that most wondrous of lunch time creations – a meatloaf sandwich with mayo! (I salivate just thinking of that moment in time).

Enough of reminiscing of my past culinary conquests. Today, it was time to re-create it once again!

This time out, I planned to make a small meatloaf consisting of 1 pound of 73% lean ground beef (the cheaper grade), sauteed onion, bell pepper, celery and carrots (about 2 tablespoons of each) all chopped fine and cooked in oil, 2 slices of dampened bread broken up and a ¼ cup of milk and ketchup. If you’ve made meatloaf before, these ingredients should be familiar. Lastly, as I was mixing and kneading the above ingredients, I added a bit of salt and pepper to taste. The resultant ball of wet meat was then placed into a glass baking dish in a convection oven set to 350ºF for about 45 minutes. When the internal temperature of the meat hits 150ºF or above, it’s time to take it out and let it rest for at least 20 minutes. [Note that I also like to add a slurry consisting of water and ketchup over the top of the loaf about 20 minutes in to the cooking cycle]!

In the end, this loaf proved that it was all it could be – an most audacious base for six or seven meatloaf sandwiches!

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A steak, an egg, some toast and no TV!

burned-out-tv‘Rising and shining has become problematic for me, just lately. I do rise each and every morning, but that part about shining? Not so much so…’

Getting a good start on the day, according to some experts, means enjoying  a good hearty and wholesome breakfast. (A concept that I gave up on some years back). These days, I generally prefer a full frontal cholesterol laden assault by eating a barely cooked steak, one fried egg and a slice of plain toast. [My only concession to ‘good’ nutrition,  a glass of tomato juice, just so I can say that I got some veggies in there somewhere].

When I used to have my first meal of the day, I’d generally have the TV blaring somewhere in the background. Yeah, it added a nice extra dimensional quality to the whole culinary persona that made up many of my mornings. Sadly though, that is no longer the case. My TV now spends more and more of its time in the off condition. Why? Mainly because of the incessant and even threatening commercials that are airing all the time! They’ve become increasingly something of an annoyance and a thing I want to avoid. (Much in the manner a hen pecked husband, bowing under an anticipated early morning assault by his hypertensive wife, might skedaddle out the back door to go eat at a local restaurant).

So, the TV is now left pretty much dormant while I’ve migrated back to the radio for music and inspiring morning chit chat. What commercials there are, tend to be local and even entertaining. ‘Come on down to Chuck’s Auto Sales and pick yourself out a real beauty today!‘ You know, that sort of stuff. Now, as I eat while only half listening to the drone of some DJ, I find I can re-energize and better prepare for the challenges of that day. Heck fire! I can even see a time where all my TV’s just might end up at the dump!

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Open carry law passes in Missouri!


In what could only be viewed as a landslide vote, Missouri just passed an open carry weapons law that only a few other states endorse! The full impact of this move by the Missouri legislature will news in the national media overnight! That the law was passed is not so much news as is the underlying message now being sent to the rest of the Republic….

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Advertising should be racially balanced!

hijabWhile I generally make an effort to avoid watching commercials on the boob tube, it still happens from time to time. And so it was, while watching a Spark commercial recently, that something struck me. I was watching a group of nearly neked white women who were frolicking on a beach, while someone droned on in the background! (What the commercial was all about, I hadn’t a clue). But, I did recall that while most commercials seemed able to shoehorn in a token black or two, I’ve never actually seen a Muslim man or woman on one of these ever! When I first realized this fact, I made it a point to spend some time watching a couple of ‘sample commercials’. Here’s a small sample of what I was able to observe:


Wow! Not a single Muslim women wandering around my tube wearing a burka, chador, niqab or or even a simple hijab! Among the men, not a thobe, egal or bisht was to be seen! What, I wondered was the left wing Media up to? I thought they were involved in making all people and things fair and equal! Frankly, I was outraged and somewhat heartsick. Could it be that left leaning media outlets like NBC, CBS & CNN were all racists at heart? Even old middle of the road Fox News seemed to display a dearth of racial multiplicity. And this from an outlet that claims to be ‘fair and balanced’!

I say it’s time for the Liberals to now pony up and make a much more concerted effort to get ALL races represented on ALL of our commercials! Since most anthropologists recognize that there are just four major race classifications in the world, which include Caucasian, mongoloid or Asian, negroid or black and Australoid. I feel that it should be a cinch to have one of each represented in a fair and balanced manner every single time and as a matter of law. I can just see Hillary the Hag drooling over this concept!

Just exactly how the ad people will manage commercials like those for suntan oils, BBQ’d beef and bikinis should be a real hoot to watch!

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Just how bad will the next recession be?

head-in-the-sand-cartoonIn a recent article, ‘ALBERT EDWARDS: The crutch holding up the US economy is about to be ‘kicked away’, perhaps the real truth of what will likely happen to the US economy is becoming clear(er). In the article, posted by Bob Byron, (a market reporter for Business Insider), he cites some of the prophecies of noted economist Albert Edwards concerning what he feels may be a sharp downturn that is coming very soon!

“The only thing keeping the US out of recession is the US consumer,” Edwards wrote. “It is difficult to say consumption is driving the economy forward, rather it is like a wood, worm-ridden crutch creaking under the strain of holding up a dead weight economy. This recovery, the fourth longest in history, is surely nearing its end.”

Albert Edwards is well known as the originator of The Ice Age thesis some 15 years ago. He identified the wholly unsustainable nature of western central banks excessive ‘lose monetary policies’ and how it was, in effect creating a Ponzi Credit scheme. In contrast to most economists, who by the time of 2006 firmly believed that Central Bankers had tamed the cycle and believed in The Great Moderation, Albert believed that previous ‘missed’ recessions would emerge in one large postponed event. He drew heavily on the under-utilized work on sector imbalances of the recently deceased Cambridge Economist Wynne Godley and it now appears to me as if this guy just might know what’s he’s talking about! Every day, it seems, our government is adding another set of nails to the fiscal coffin. Here’s three that I can see rather plainly.

Nail #1: Next year, the US national debt will top $20 trillion. The deficit is running close to $500 billion, and the Congressional Budget Office projects that figure to rise. Add another $3 trillion or so in state and local debt. As you may well imagine, the interest on that debt is beginning to add up, even at the extraordinarily low rates we have today.

Nail #2: Sometime in 2019, entitlement spending, defense, and interest will consume all the tax revenues collected by the US government. That means all spending for everything else will have to be borrowed, adding even more debt.

The final nail: The nail that may signal the end times for America is concerned with the term deficit. A word many people confuse with debt. Actually, the national deficit is defined as: ‘The amount by which the government’s total budget outlays exceeds its total receipts for a fiscal year.’ By 2019, the deficit is projected to be $738 billion shortfall, (closing in on a trillion) and that ain’t good folks. You see, there are only three ways to reduce that figure: cut spending, raise taxes, or authorize the Federal Reserve to monetize the debt. None of these are considered as even remotely viable at this juncture in time, especially considering the extreme weakness seen in almost any sector you would care to look at.

So, what’s the bottom line. How deep will the next recession be? Will America survive a partial or full economic collapse? I dunno, I’m just another idiot looking for a bomb shelter…

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Economy Screen Printing, 163 Main Street, Forsyth MO.

A recently opened shop located at 163 Main Street in Forsyth MO. called Economy Screen Printing, does professional screen printing on T-Shirts and all sorts of other object like cups, hats mementos and more! The store is run by Martha Rudnick and Susan Lawrence both of  which can reproduce custom designs and logos; either from material a customer might bring in or from scratch. The cater to everyone; from individuals up to and including companies or organizations that might need to orders exceeding one thousand pieces. As you can see from the pictures of these T-shirts, almost anything can be created and at very reasonable prices!I was very impressed with just how detailed and beautiful the work that they do is close up!

In the near future, I was told that a customer will even be able to come in and create their own custom T-shirt and then print it on the spot! That would be very cool indeed!

Also, the shop can make available limited spaces for aspiring artists to set up shop and display their creations on a monthly rental basis. (And, while I decided not to post that amount here, I was very impressed with how low it was)! Note that this will not be a flea shop concept, but rather a place for a select group of artists to gain exposure. For the limited few people who can take advantage of this opportunity, ( I think I was told that there are only about 6 to 8 spaces available), they will need to act promptly as the spaces are already being reserved. as for advertising, I was told that the owners may even consider an open house type of event to help draw in additional traffic! If you have an interest in this, or would like additional information, the shop can be reached at 417-546-0631 during normal business hours.

In closing, I gained the impression that this business will likely do very well. The equipment I saw located there appeared to be top end. At the time of my visit, they were getting ready to fulfill an order consisting of a thousand t-shirts!

Please make it a point to stop in and to check them out. There were many very interesting items on display that I didn’t cover here, but hope to in the future…

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A grilling station and me!

GrillWhile walking through a local park, one afternoon, I spied an old rusty cooking grill that had seen better days. Standing there, I wondered how that grill would have looked like when it was shiny and new? I thought that, like myself, that it had been through a lot in its life. Now only a shadow of its former self, all beat up, with all sorts of baggage hanging on it and no real future in the days ahead. Yep, that pretty much described my  life and that old grill, well, it didn’t look too good either!

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